Waving in Headphones

5-Session Group Coaching Program: Make Cold Calls with Nicole

Achieve expertise faster

  • 30 minute webinar

5-Session Group Coaching Program on Cold Calls

If you dislike picking up the phone to reach out to new prospects but need to build your business and
get in the door, this program is for you. Making cold calls can be daunting. What do you say? How do
you handle the rejection involved? How many calls do you make? Learning the skill is imperative to your
success, even if you are using other means of marketing. The idea is to turn those cold calls into warm
ones. Over the 5-days, you will learn to:

- Prepare a strong telephone script.
- Project your voice with confidence
- Leave effective voice messages.
- Follow up at the right time.
- Close qualified appointments.

In this program, you will have the opportunity to practice your pitch, ask questions, receive support, and
make calls with others. You will gain a boost of confidence and motivation. You will walk away with tools
that will last you throughout your professional journey. Prospecting is the first step of the traditional
sales cycle. Are you ready for the challenge ahead?

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