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  • Nicole Attias

Cold calling Webinar

Brief course overview and learning outcomes:

Over the phone, professionals only have a few minutes to grab the attention of their audience. Having a good script helps maintain ones’ focus. Emotion over the phone is also difficult to ignore. Vocal tone is one of the best cues to assess if you are proceeding in the right direction with your clients and prospects. It is always effective to have the next step in mind when reaching out to prospects. Having a plan is crucial. While rapport is important, your focus should always be on point. The reason to pick up the phone is to ask for the meeting, send information or follow up. This program will cover the following top 5 cold calling tips and participants will learn to:

  • Prepare a good pitch / script

  • Project their voice with confidence

  • Leave progressive voice messages

  • Ask for the next step on every call

  • Keep an effective system for future follow up

Contact Nicole to arrange a webinar for your organization

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